About Us

LE Fletcher College, Louisiana-2

Our Story

In 1997, PSDesign began as an industrial steel detailing service for local engineers and fabricators. Our founding principle? Provide an exceptional product to clients with value-added services throughout the project. The “value-add” aspect is a posture – a commitment to our clients. How can we help project run more efficiently?

25 years later, our philosophy remains the same, though our industry continues to evolve. Connection Design, Civil/Structure Engineering, Pipe design, and full-fledged field services – including 3D Laser Scanning, join our now comprehensive range of services offerings to help streamline timelines, and inevitably, the client’s bottom line.

Specialty and Expertise

Industrial: Oil, Gas, Refinery & Petrochemical

Infrastructure: Ports, Rail, Educational Facilities, Sporting Venues

Disciplines: Civil/Structural Engineering and Detailing, Pipe Design, 3-D Laser Scanning, Project Management

Safety & Compliance

Projects are engineered and designed to the latest OSHA, AISC, PIP, NISD, or required standards. Clients can be confident knowing their projects are within compliance.

  • Safety Record: 1997-current, 100% accident-free
  • AISC members (American Institute of Steel Construction)
  • NISD members (National Institute of Steel Detailing)