Our Story

In 1997, PSDESIGN began as an industrial steel detailing service for local fabricators and engineers. 25 years later, our philosophy of providing superior products and services remains the same. As our industry continues to evolve, so do our services.

PSDESIGN now includes in-house Connection Design, Civil/Structural Engineering, 3D Pipe Design, and full-fledged field services - including 3D Laser Scanning. All this is in an effort to streamline project scheduling, and inevitably the bottom line.

Specialty and Expertise Industrial: Oil, Gas, Refinery & PetrochemicalInfrastructure: Ports, Rail, Educational Facilities, Sporting Venues

Our Team

With well over 100 employees, PSDESIGN is well-equipped to manage multiple projects at any given time. We’ve developed a reputation for delivering quality work while meeting stringent scheduling requirements.

Engineering: In-house licensed and experienced engineers, designers, and draftsmen collaborate together in making the project a success. Each Professional Engineer (PE) is accredited with a Master's and/or Doctorate degree in Civil, Structural, and Mechanical Engineering (resumes available upon request). With an extensive portfolio of the latest in 3D modeling and analytical software, clients can depend on us to perform accurate, dependable work for their new or retrofit projects.

Detailing: As a premier steel detailing company, our experienced Project Managers are proactively communicating with engineers, fabricators, and contractors. We are readily available for project meetings and/or site visits at our client’s convenience. Utilizing current releases of 3D detailing software (SDS/2 and Tekla), we create and maintain an accurate model environment (BIM). Detailing stations are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure scheduling needs are met or exceeded.


Tony Stock
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Shelby Stewart
General Manager
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Lance Hendrix
Engineering Manager
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Sales/Business Development
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