Project Management

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Our industry is increasingly aware of benefits coming from multi-discipline model sharing to meet scheduling requirements. In parallel, needs increase for efficient communication between disciplines as the project progresses. This is where we excel. PSD/PSDesign is well-equipped to manage projects from design to installation, or partner with clients at any point in the planning/design process.

Take full advantage of our expertise and involve our team early in the project design phase. Our Project Management staff has the knowledge to build efficiencies throughout the project process – design conception through engineering, detailing, fabrication, and installation. Identifying time-saving solutions and potential challenges, mitigates unnecessary changes after construction commences, providing a win-win scenario for our clients.

Management Process

Detailed pre-construction planning is crucial to Project Management success. PSD/PSDesign can manage, perform, and oversee 3rd party work. Though each job is unique in scope, our process is thoroughly and systemically applied to each project:

  1. Project Inventory/3D Scanning
  2. Engineering Analysis/Design
  3. Approval/BIM Model
  4. Fab Package Creation
  5. Fabrication/Installation