Piping Design


Our Piping Design Engineering team provides quality piping system design services at competitive rates across industries such as Oil & Gas, Process industries like Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Fertilizer and Utilities. Our piping design team can help Design Engineering companies to speed up the delivery of detailed engineering plans in order to meet tight schedules.

The team of engineers has in-depth working knowledge of well-known industry standards in Piping Engineering.

PSDESIGN has successfully undertaken piping design and drafting projects for clients across southern Louisiana. Whether it be a replace in kind project, retro-fit project or expansion projects.

As a piping design and engineering company, PSDESIGN Engineering is equipped with major licensed software tools used to create piping designs with AutoCAD.

Prepared Piping 2D/3D Modeling:

  • Piping studies
  • Preliminary piping layout including nozzle orientation
  • Preliminary & detailed BOMs/ MTOs
  • Equipment Datasheets
  • Design basis and standard drawings
  • Piping material specifications (PMS)
  • Isometric Drawings
  • Plan and Ortho Drawings
  • P&ID’s

Stress and FEA Analysis:

Our pipe stress analysis engineering team integrates a qualified group of five Professional Engineers registered in multiple states and talented designers with tremendous hands-on experience. Since 1997, we provide practical and quality solutions to our clients that are on time and on budget.

We bring experience and expertise to every project. PSDESIGN is a well established practice and are experts in the field of pipe stress analysis. We are well versed in piping design codes and industry standards and utilize their extensive experience to specify, model and analyze pipe stress in different industries.

We utilize CADWorx to create 3D models and CAESAR II to perform pipe stress analysis. The design and analysis include but are not limited to:

  • Piping vibration analysis
  • Pipe stress models with all loading cases
  • Spring support and displacement analysis
  • Nozzle load analysis
  • Piping integrity study
  • Critical line analysis
  • Pressure vessel design

Piping Support Engineering:

  • Special supports preparation
  • Preparation of data sheets and requisition for spring hangers, expansion joints, snubbers, slide plates, etc.
  • Pipe Support Layouts
  • Pipe Support Detail Drawings
  • Pipe Support Markings based on industry standards and special requirements
  • Standardization of Pipe Supports

Engineering Design Tools for Piping Design Engineering:

Modeling Tools: Autodesk AutoCAD,
Stress analysis Tools: ALGOR