3D Laser Scanning

FARO Focus 3D Laser Scanner

The demand for 3D Laser scanning continues to grow and has become an integral part of PSDesign’s service offerings. Scans and resulting models cross-reference quickly and efficiently across engineering disciplines – delivering accurate “as-built” studies for steel structures, concrete, mechanical, and piping. These precise studies function as a basis for a variety of new-to-existing applications where reliable connection points are critical to project success.

Our experienced and licensed technicians scan a variety of site conditions that meet or beat most tolerance restrictions – typically 1/8″ inch or less.

Benefits of 3D Scanning:

  • Increased accuracy vs. traditional measuring methods
  • Cost/time efficient data transfer between disciplines
  • Little to no facility downtime
  • One “master” model unifies Scan files and multiple disciplines for more precise connections, including: structural and miscellaneous steel, civil and mechanical engineering, and pipe design