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Our engineering team at PSDESIGN brings experience and expertise to every project, utilizing thorough research, planning, and creativity to deliver high-quality, practical, and cost-effective solutions to a wide range of clients. The engineering process always begins with a careful assessment of the client’s needs, schedule, budgetary concerns, and vision for the project. After these considerations are identified, we use our skill, innovation, and collaboration to devise creative solutions to the engineering challenges we may face.

PSDESIGN Engineering is an established practice and are experts in the field of civil/structural engineering design services. Our company offers our engineering design services to Petro-chemical plants, fertilizer plants, refineries and municipalities.

Our broad range of experience and expertise shows in our niche market below:

Civil & Structural Engineering Design Services

  • Concrete Slab, Foundation Design and Foundation Drawings
  • Land and Structure Survey
  • Tank Farm, Containment Dikes
  • Structural Analysis
  • 3D Modeling
  • Equipment Support Structure Design
  • Structural Dynamic and Vibration Analysis
  • Stairways, Ladders, Platform, and Egress Design
  • Pipe Supports and Pipe-rack Design
  • Structural Integrity Analysis for Existing Structure
  • Monorail and Hoist Load Rating
  • Replace in kind and Retro-fitting

We are committed to providing a high-quality standard  in all of our work.

We took care in bringing some very skilled engineers to our staff, and our culture of integration leads us to form a strong team of professionals for every project. Our approach to project delivery is one which fosters collaboration between different disciplines to create thorough, high-quality designs. Our engineers are often involved in projects from the beginning of the design phase all the way through the completion of construction to ensure the client’s needs are met properly.

We test the limits of structural design because we aim for continuous improvement.