As an established firm, PSDESIGN engineers are experts in the field of civil/structural engineering design services. We offer engineering design services to industrial facilities and municipalities. Our engineering team brings experience and expertise to every project.

Thorough research and planning, we deliver practical and cost-effective solutions to our clients and their projects. We start our process by assessing the unique needs of each project. What is the clients’ vision for the project? What are the budgeting concerns? What is the required schedule for deliverables? After these considerations are identified, we use our skill, innovation, and collaboration to devise creative solutions to the engineering challenges we may face.

Civil & Structural Engineering Design Services

  • Concrete Slab, Foundation Design and Foundation Drawings
  • Land and Structure Survey
  • Tank Farm, Containment Dikes
  • Structural Analysis
  • 3D Modeling
  • Equipment Support Structure Design
  • Structural Dynamic and Vibration Analysis
  • Stairways, Ladders, Platform, and Egress Design
  • Pipe Supports and Pipe-rack Design
  • Structural Integrity Analysis for Existing Structure
  • Monorail and Hoist Load Rating
  • Replace in kind and Retro-fitting