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Steel Connection Design Our Steel Connection Design team includes over 53 detailers, (averaging 20 years of experience) 42 checkers, and 5 Professional Engineers registered in multiple states, which made us one of the top detailing, Steel Connection Design companies in United States. We provided connection design for several 20,000 tons of steel projects and we detail over 5,000 tons of steel each month through 5 offices.

PSDESIGN provides steel connection design services for engineering firms and steel fabricators, delivering professional engineered stamped connection details and shop drawings.

Our offerings include:

  • AISC Specifications, i.e. ASD, LRFD design
  • Non US-Codes & Shapes, i.e. European codes and shapes
  • Non Seismic and Seismic, registered Structural Engineer (SE) performs steel connection design for structural located in a high seismic zone.
  • Standard Connections, i.e. clip-angles connection, shear plate connection, end plate connection, extended shear plate connections and beam and brace connections.

Special Connections, i.e. moment connection, column splice, beam splice, high axial loaded member design, high wind and seismic loaded structure connection design.

Miscellaneous Connections, i.e. accurate 3D modeling of ladders, stairs and handrail systems.

Engineer Review & Shop Drawings, i.e. review shop drawings and evaluate connection capacities and provide professional engineering seal.
FEA Special Connections, i.e. perform (FEA) Finite Element Analysis for connection under complicated stress.

Our steel connection design experience for both industrial and commercial projects includes but not limited to:

  • LNG Liquefaction Facilities
  • Petro-Chemical Plants
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Refineries
  • Process plant facilities
  • Colleges
  • Indoor & outdoor venues

PSDESIGN utilizes Descon, SDS/2, In House MathCAD sheets and ALGOR for designing connections. The project is created in a Single 3D model that is used for additions and corrections as per the EOR and through completion of the project.
*ALGOR for FEA special connections if situations arise.