Our Team

PSDesign is well equipped to manage multiple projects at any given time.

Our team of experienced Professional Engineers are accredited with Masters degrees in Civil, Structural and the Mechanical/Piping disciplines. (All resumes are available upon request)


As a premier detailing company in the United States, Our team of project managers average over 20 years experience within the industrial steel industry. Members of our management team are readily available for project meetings and/or site visits at our customer’s convince.

We proactively communicate and provide solutions to the fabricator while working on the project with added value detailing that aids in the constructability for the contractor.

Operating both SDS/2 and Tekla 3D detailing software, our modeling team is dedicated to making updates and revisions to the model environment promptly. Software stations are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure goals of meeting schedules are achieved on each project.

Tony Stock
Contact: tonys_at_psdetailing.com

Williams Foreman
Contact: billf_at_psdetailing.com

Lance Hendrix
Engineering Manager
Contact: lhendrix_at_psdesigneng.com