Our Team

We are well equipped to handle multiple medium to large projects within our company at PSDESIGN for Engineering, Design-Build, Connection Design or Detailing and Checking.

We are staffed with 5 Engineers who have proven themselves in the heavy steel industry. All of our Professional Engineers are accredited with their Masters degrees in Civil, Structural and the Mechanical/Piping disciplines. (All resumes are available upon request)

Their focus is in the Civil, Structural and Mechanical disciplines while performing analysis. We also provide piping to our customers who are in need of local support.


Our well experienced staff of detailers and checkers have an overall average of 20 years experience in detailing within the industrial steel industry. We are one of the premier detailers in the south as well as the United States. We are a hands on company that is available for immediate sit down meetings with the customer to discuss possible sequences that need to be addressed and how best to move forward. Being in the states is the ultimate benefit for the customer, as problems get resolved in a quick and timely manner.

We communicate and provide solutions to the fabricator while working on the project with added value detailing that will certainly aid itself in the constructability for the contractor.

We utilize 36 seats of SDS/2 3D Modeling software so all changes or additions are updated promptly in one 3D model. Our detailing software stations are used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure our goals of meeting schedules are firmly achieved on each project.

Tony Stock

Williams Foreman

Kevin Brandt

Wei Peng
Engineering Manager