Our Projects

Engineering Projects

Structural design, Schriever, LA, two-story college building over 99,000 S.F.

Structural design, Donaldsonville, LA, walkway upgrade (>1000 ft) and platform

Civil and Structural design, Port Hudson, LA, stairs, ladders and platforms

Dynamic analysis, Garyville, LA, equipment/piping vibration and retro-fit

Structural analysis, Houston, TX, skid and spread beam

Civil, Structural and Piping design, Garyville, LA, DI water train

Piping design, St. Gabriel, LA, heat exchangers

Connection Design and Detailing Projects

Corpus Christi Liquefaction Project (multiple stages), Texas, +30,000 tons

Sabine Pass Liquefaction Project (multiple stages) , Louisiana, +50,000 Tons

CF Industries Expansion, Louisiana, + 9,000 Tons

Wolf Lake Memorial Park Pavilion

YCI MCI Methanol Facility, Louisiana, +4,000 tons

Sasol Lake Charles Chemical Complex, Louisiana, +8,000 tons

Abengoa Biofuel project, Nevada, +1,500 tons