About Us

LE Fletcher College, Louisiana-2

Our Story

In 1997, Precision Steel Detailing (PSD) began as an industrial steel detailing service for local engineers and fabricators. Our founding principle? Provide an exceptional product to clients with value-added services throughout the life of the project. The “value-add” aspect is a posture, a commitment to our clients – what can we do to help the client perform this particular task more efficiently?

Over 20 years later, our philosophy remains the same, though our industry continues to evolve. In 2007, a new branch, PSDesign engineering, was formed to meet the client’s need for Connection Design. What began as in-house support for detailing has grown into a successful multi-discipline engineering company. PSD and PSDesign now offer a comprehensive range of services including 3D scanning and surveying, detailing and connection design, structural and mechanical analytics, civil engineering, pipe design, and project management.

With industry shifts come challenges. PSD/PSDesign has proven to meet each one proactively and head-on. Through these challenges, we’ve been blessed to thrive, expand our global footprint, and increase our service flexibility – all in efforts to ensure client expectations are met or exceeded.

Our Specialty

Industrial: Oil, Gas, Refinery & Petrochemical
Infrastructure: Ports, Rail, Educational Facilities, Sporting Venues

Areas of Expertise

Structural Engineering and Detailing, Civil and Mechanical Engineering/Design, Pipe Design, 3-D Laser Scanning, Analytics, Project Management

Safety & Compliance

Project and site safety is our top priority. PSD/PSDesign will recommend, engineer and design your project to the latest OSHA, AISC, PIP, NISD, or required standards. Our Professional Engineers (PE’s) in the civil, structural and mechanical disciplines are registered in multiple states – providing clients with confidence the project is within compliance.

  • Safety Record: 100% accident-free
  • AISC members (American Institute of Steel Construction)
  • NISD members (National Institute of Steel Detailing)