About Us

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Our Company

Since our beginning in 1997, we have focused on value added service to our customers projects in ways that are more fabricator and erector friendly. We have grown our company to 5 locations across the world to ensure that projects are completed on a timely and efficient basis. We strive to always serve our customers with the utmost respect and quality service that makes us one of the premier steel service companies in the United States. Our business treats itself as a family company grounded in hard work, integrity and trust, values integral to all we do.

Our Services & Capabilities

Industrial: Oil, Gas, Refineries & Petro-Chemicals: Liquefied natural gas, onshore oil and gas, petrochemicals and pipelines
Infrastructure: Ports, rail, educational facilities, sports venues and urban development

Our Expertise

Design, Engineering, piping and Industrial Steel Detailing. PSDESIGN utilizes Descon, SDS/2 and MathCAD sheets for designing connections.  Through these tools we create a Single 3D model that is used for additions and corrections as per the EOR and through completion of the project. ALGOR software is used for the FEA special connections when situations occur.

Our company continues to be built on values of excellence and integrity, working to the highest ethical standards and being measured by the enduring quality of our projects.

  • Impeccable safety record of 100% free of accidents.
  • Members of the AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction)
  • Members of the NISD (National Institute of Steel Detailing)

OSHA Compliance

At PSDESIGN we are in tune with the OSHA standards in plant facilities and are here to recommend, design and engineer the up-to-date OSHA standards for a project. We invite you to call our Professional Engineers in the Civil/Structural and mechanical disciplines, which are registered in multiple states, to propose on projects in keeping the facility in compliance.

Compliance with OSHA standards can not only help prevent needless workplace tragedies from accidents, but also help minimize the number of injury-related employee absences, keep workers’ compensation and other insurance costs to a minimum, and promote higher productivity from employees who can feel secure that the company is looking out for their safety and can thus concentrate on doing their jobs well.